Lilac Kenner, MA, AMFT #120832

Are you feeling stuck and disconnected? Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? Your instinct says there must be a better way to live… and I promise you, there is. Therapy is one way to start your journey towards contentment and joy in your everyday life (not all-day everyday, but yes, every day!) If you’re done running on the hamster wheel of your issues, unable to get ahead, I can relate and I can help.

I specialize in alleviating anxiety/depression, raising your self-esteem, self-discovery, changing your habits, and helping you get unstuck. There is nothing inherently wrong with you, everyone needs help sometimes.

You are whole and complete. You have everything you need inside you, I’m just here to shine the light on some areas that need some healing, love, and attention.



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Nicholas Ramirez, MA, LMFT #110893

I have been working with individuals and families in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Therapy with me will offer different strategies and perspective to resolve parts of your life that you want to change, or to cope with the ones you can't.